2013-03-20 Comet C2011 L/4 Pan-STARRS time lapse video

Comet C2011 L/4 Pan-STARRS
Comet C2011 L/4 Pan-STARRS (click to enlarge)

The clouds finally parted enough to allow observation of comet C2011 L/4 Pan-STARRS just after sunset in the west this past week. I was able to capture time lapse and still image footage during the early hours of of 2013-03-20 UTC at my home in Ames, IA, USA.

Viewing the comet through 15×70 binoculars was AMAZING as well, showing two visible tails that filled the entire field of view, and the bright nucleus. Such a wonderful sight to see visually! It’s get me really excited for ISON later in the year…


Canon T2i 550D DSLR
50mm f/1.8 fixed focal length lens
~360 images at ISO400 f/2, 4s and 6s exposures
Magic Lantern firmware, built-in intervalometer
Post processed with Darktable and video production with Kdenlive, in Linux

View the video in HD:
Comet C2011 L/4 Pan-STARRS time lapse, 2013-03-20

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