Ever since a local space camp excursion and model rocketry obsession as a child, I’ve been enamored by the wonder of the night sky. In 2011 purchased my first telescope. One year later I took my first long-exposure deep space photo (Messier 13 – the Hercules globular cluster) using a home-built equatorial platform and that same same dobsonian telescope.

That was the beginning.

Since then, I’ve photographed deep-sky objects (DSO), moon and planetary astrophotography, wide-field and landscape astrophotography, daytime and night sky time lapse, and I am still and always learning.

In 2013, my passion led me to Tanja Schmitz (http://AstroTanja.com), to move to Johannesburg, South Africa, and we got hitched. Together we travel to find dark skies in both hemispheres and work to share the enormity of space as we see it through cameras and telescopes.


In 2015, we started PhotographingSpace.com in an effort to help anyone and everyone learn astrophotography through our combined knowledge along with the help of a team of astrophotographers from around the world.

Talks // Workshops // Inspiration

Sometimes I give talks and teach astrophotography workshops in the hopes of inspiring other humans to just look up a little more.

I’ve been a keynote speaker for large events, given how-to astrophotography and space/astronomy related talks, and private presentations for small groups.

Interested in my work or want to contact me?
Send email to: cory@photographingspace.com