2011-11-10, Sight Report

Thursday, 11-10-2011, 22:00-23:30
Home, Ankeny, driveway
28F, average seeing, average transparency
Full moon, clouds rolling in, humid, cold

What I saw:

* Spent a lot of time on the full moon
Equipment: Zhumell Z10 10″ Newtonian reflector

It was far more exciting than I expected the full moon to be. Not as flat as I imagined things would look. On the edges where a tiny bit of shadowing could be seen to make it look not like a perfect “ball”. Still, I managed some photos. (And I bad video!)

* Spent a little time on Jupiter
Equipment: Zhumell Z10 10″ Newtonian reflector

Despite looking through clouds, it was still a nice view at many magnifications. 277x was a little blurry though.

* I tried to to get a look at M42
Equipment: Zhumell Z10 10″ Newtonian reflector

Orion was rising in the east, even though I knew it was not going to be worthwhile with the full moon. I was still able to see just a bit of nebulosity (almost blueish tinted?) and could even make out the trapezium, at 40x.

You could tell seeing was average, as things looked quite wavy at higher magnification.

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