The Large Magellanic Cloud

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Visible only in Southern Hemisphere latitudes, the Large Magellanic Cloud is a dwarf galaxy near the south celestial pole, brightly visible to the naked eye in dark skies with little to no light pollution. At first glance in it looks like an unmoving cloud in the sky, threatening our astrophotography, and then quickly becomes a view from which you can’t tear your eyes away. The sheer size of the LMC is an awe-inspiring sight.

This stack of 15 exposures was taken in early April of 2014, in the dark desert skies near Sutherland, South Africa, in the Karoo desert.

Image Details

15 x 5minute exposures
ISO800 f/3.2 135mm
Calibrated with Dark (25) / Flat (30) / Bias (100)


Canon 5D Mark II DSLR, unmodified
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L lens
Celestron CG5-ASGT mount / tripod (unguided)

Software Used

BackyardEOS for acquisition
PixInsight for calibration / integration / post-processing

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