Nova Centauri 2013

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Nova Centauri 2013, a naked-eye nova in Centaurus is the first southern hemisphere target I shot after moving to South Africa. It was one of the brightest (if not the brightest?) nova in our lifetime, and it was pink.

Image details

Data acquired on 2014-01-01 from Johannesburg, South Africa
25x30s ISO800 f/3.9
Calibrated with dark / flat / bias

Equipment used

Orion 8″ f/3.9 Astrograph
Celestron CGEM DX mount
Orion SSAG autoguider + 50mm guide scope
Canon T2i 550D DSLR (Baader IR modded)
Baader MPCC


Image acquisition with BackyardEOS
Guiding with PHD
Calibration/alignment/integration and post-processing with PixInsight

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