DIY parallelogram binocular mount (cloudy day recipe)

DIY parallogram binocular mount

This is what happens when you add a string of many cloudy days and nights together to a guy who loves to cobble things together from random parts/wood/metal/extra PA speaker stands. Naturally, this guy will build a parallelogram binocular mount. I’ll be ready when this weather business decides to clear up.

Since I wanted to make it as cheaply as possible, I used only parts I already had in my garage leftover or unused from other projects. So, basically that made it free (for me). I also wanted to be sure to use only as many parts as absolutely necessary to keep it as stable as possible. I found in other projects that as soon as you introduce a more complex design, it tends to induce wobble. As it stands now, any wobble goes away with a second or two of moving the mount, and that wobble seems to come from the stand I used. I plan to build/find a more stable tripod for the mount in the future if it bugs me.

I think one of the only things that may not be self explanatory by the photos might be the counterweight adjustment. I used a 1/2″x2″ scrap of oak hardwood with a stop screw on one side and a threaded insert with bolt on the other. The idea is when you tighten the bolt, it creates a tight wedge against the long top arm of the mount, through the hole of the counterweight so it doesn’t move. Simply loosen the bolt and slide to adjust as needed.

All adjustments and setup of the mount can be easily done by hand, and very quickly. 2 or 4 of the armature knobs could probably be replaced by locking nuts, leaving just 1 or 2 for adjusting friction as needed.


1″x2″ hardwood (I used oak for all hardwood parts)
1″x4″ hardwood
1/2″x2″ hardwood (just a small scrap for the counterweight adjustment)
1″ hardwood dowel
1/4″x20 bolts
1/4″x20 threaded knobs (or wing nuts)
1/4″ washers
1/4″x20 threaded insert (for counterweight adjustment)
4″ right-angle brackets
Misc small wood screws
Large-hole (2″+) dumbbell 2.5 lb. counterweights
Some sort of stand/tripod (I had an old PA speaker stand not in use)


This was (and will continue to be) a fun project! Here are some more photos:

DSC_1403.JPG DSC_1404.JPG DSC_1406.JPG DSC_1418.JPG

DSC_1407.JPG DSC_1415.JPG DSC_1416.JPG DSC_1413.JPG

DSC_1408.JPG DSC_1414.JPG DSC_1412.JPG DSC_1410.JPG

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