A four dollar flock

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Tonight I was able to get my hands on the telescope (it’s a secret Christmas present…so it’s hidden for now). I took 30 minutes and applied $4 worth of department store adhesive-backed stiffened black felt to some supposedly crucial areas of the inside of the OTA, just opposite the focuser tube.

In my current new quest for any relief from the red suburban-sky blues, I am willing to try anything to get more contrast out of my Z10 when observing at home. Nobody told me that part of getting a telescope was a new depression caused by me noticing light pollution. So sad…even more sad when I travel to a sky just one color better over Thanksgiving. Whoa.

Anyway, I can’t wait to try it out and see if it helps at all. Who knows. Going by the flash photographs I took of the OTA interior after application, I don’t know how it WON’T help, judging by the reflection from the camera flash on the painted area versus the flocked area.

But guess what? It’s freaking cloudy tonight.

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