2012-09-22 Imaging catch-up post

Equipment used
Zhumell Z10 10″ Dobsonian on DIY EQ platform for sidereal tracking
Canon t2i 550D DSLR
GSO 2″ coma corrector
BackyardEOS software for image capture

2012-09-22 NGC 884 and NGC869 Double Cluster in Perseus, 9x10s ISO6400, 8 dark frames


2012-09-22 M42 Orion Nebula – 12x5sec ISO6400, 10 dark frames


2012-09-22 M45 Pleiades, 9x10s ISO6400, 8 dark frames


2012-09-22 Vega in Lyra, single 5s ISO1600 exposure, no processing


2012-09-22 M31 Andromeda galaxy, single 30s ISO6400 exposure, no processing


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