Lunar catch-up post

I’m hideously behind, if that is possible for a self-guided blog about astronomy, but I have a TON of content I’ve been hoarding. I’ve been too busy gathering and processing data in my spare time to post about it, so here is the first of a few catch-up posts I will be doing. This one focusing on the Moon.

2012-09-05, 2-frame Mosaic

I did a quick test of 1080p video capture to get half the moon at a time, stack the video frames in Autostakkert2, and combine into one single image with Hugin in Linux. Some extra processing brought out the color and definition.

2012-09-05_1080P_small_lunar_mosaic_color_contrast_saturated.jpg 2012-09-05_1080P_small_lunar_mosaic_bw.jpg
(Click to enlarge)

2012-09-18 and 2012-09-20, two partial moons at dusk

When testing some new DSLR->telescope attachment gear I’ve been snapping some quick shots of the moon and some have turned out really cool, I think. Here are a couple shots of the moon at dusk on these dates.

2012-09-18_crescent_moon_at_dusk_resized.JPG 2012-09-20_moon_dark_processed.JPG 2012-09-20_lunar_stacked_30s_cropmode.jpg
(Click to enlarge)

2012-09-22, International Observe the Moon Night

We had a Google+ hangout on International Observe the Moon Night. I used an app called ExtraWebcam to use a Canon t2i 550D as a live streaming webcam. I really like the warmth I can display with it. Shown close up are the “lunar X,” the “lunar V,” some random craters, and the Apollo 11 landing site.


IMG_2012-09-22_19-46-15_stack1_wavelets.jpg IMG_2012-09-22_19-55-06_stack1_wavelets.jpg

IMG_2012-09-22_19-53-44_stack1_wavelets.jpg IMG_2012-09-22_19-57-54_stack2_wavelets.jpg
(Click to enlarge)

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