My first ever deep-space object images using DIY EQ Dob platform

IMG_20120906_233713.jpgThe first night I was out and able to test the DIY EQ platform for my Dobsonian was on 2012-09-05. For the first light with a homemade EQ platform I was happy with the results and excited for what I will be able to do with it! At the time I did not know how to polar align at all, and was relying on the design of the platform entirely, just leveling and aiming it north.

Here are some examples, these are unprocessed single exposures taken with a Canon t2i / 550d at prime focus + 2x Barlow on a Zhumell Z10 Dobsonian reflector. Much better results are on the way after I get the kinks worked out and learn better post-processing techniques.

M27, the Dumbbell Nebula – A bright planetary Nebula in the constellation Vulpecula. The first image shows a single 20-second exposure at ISO6400, no post processing.


After post-processing:


M57, the Ring Nebula – Another bright planetary nebula, in the constellation Lyra. Single 15-second exposure at ISO3200, no post processing.


After post processing:


Albireo – A double star helping to form a part of the constellation Cygnus. Note the color of the stars. Single 6-second exposure at ISO3200, no processing.


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