2012-08-05 Solar DSLR prime focus test

Solar seeing was pretty terrible, a wavy mess. However, I took a LOT of photos. I wanted to test out using my DSLR at prime focus with the Baader Astrosolar white-light solar filter.

I managed to get some pretty nice shots of active regions AR1540, AR1538, and AR1532, some nice faculae (the white vein-looking things), and even surface granularity. I can’t wait for next time when the atmosphere cooperates. I added a little yellow false color, as they are normally black and white images through the filter.

Click each to enlarge!



2012-08-05_Sun_AR1538_wavelets-4.jpg 2012-08-05_Sun_AR1540_wavelets-3.jpg

Original versions, no extra color added:

2012-08-05_Sun_AR1532.jpg 2012-08-05_Sun_AR1538_wavelets-5.jpg 2012-08-05_Sun_AR1540_wavelets-6.jpg

And how:

IMG_20120805_122638.jpg IMG_20120805_125825.jpg IMG_20120805_125804.jpg IMG_20120805_125720.jpg

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