My 10″ Dob DIY solar filter build, in pictures

I recently purchased a $32 piece of 8″ Baader Astrosolar filter film to use on my 10″ Zhumell Z10 Dobsonian telescope. Here’s how I made an on-axis filter cell that fits like a glove and works like a dream, for free, using cardboard scraps and packing tape:

IMG_5451.jpg IMG_5438.jpg IMG_5441.jpg IMG_5445.jpg IMG_5446.jpg IMG_5450.jpg IMG_5453.jpg IMG_5454.jpg IMG_5455.jpg IMG_5456.jpg IMG_5458.jpg IMG_5459.jpg IMG_5460.jpg IMG_5462.jpg IMG_5464.jpg IMG_5467.jpg IMG_5468.jpg IMG_5470.jpg IMG_5472.jpg IMG_5473.jpg IMG_5474.jpg IMG_5475.jpg IMG_5480.jpg


IMG_5486.jpg IMG_5487.jpg

And, a cover, using the shipping cardboard from the film:

IMG_5488.jpg IMG_5489.jpg

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